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My take on Marie Antoinette is that she was rather attractive and lively. Though naturally thoughtless, she was a kind-hearted woman and her intentions were good. Indeed, she detested the etiquette of the rigid court, but she was also perhaps too ostentatious in her taste for privacy which only alienated her from the courtiers of Versailles, allies dearly missed in troubling times to follow.

Marie en routeHer thoughtlessness was always a pretense for slander but, I believe, her conduct was generally innocent. If strong-willed, it should be remembered that, on the other hand, her husband was pathetically weak. Queen Marie Antoinette soon became his closest adviser, only serving to excite the people’s animosity against her and the crown.

The queen was courageous during the attacks on Versailles, the Tuileries, and against the royal family in general. She always seemed more concerned about the welfare of her husband and her children than herself. Captive in the Temple prison with her family and servants, she remained dignified under the most trying circumstances, always holding her head high. During her trial and the harsh conditions of her imprisonment in the Conciergerie, Marie Antoinette exhibited a moral strength which not only astonished but also irritated her bitterest enemies.

Whether innocent or guilty of the crimes for which she was convicted, do you find her imprisonment and punishment just and deserving or cruelly administered?

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