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2015 Ohioana Book Festival

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Marie Antoinette’s Sleigh

Marie Antoinette was a rather attractive and lively image. Though naturally thoughtless, she was a kindhearted woman with mostly good intentions. Indeed, she detested the etiquette of the rigid court, but she was also too ostentatious in her taste for privacy at her Petit Trianon, which only alienated her from the courtiers of Versailles. These were allies dearly missed in the troubling times on the horizon.

An excellent example of Marie Antoinette’s thoughtlessness was her sleigh rides on the boulevards of Paris. Wrapped in a fur-lined velvet cloak with gold braid, she was a “delight for any eye” according to her chambermaid. But her timing was harshly criticized; the poorest of her subjects were freezing to death on the streets at the time.